Get to Know Me

My name is Josh Gibbons; I am a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, and a concerned citizen in District 11.

Early on, I had the opportunity to live in many places. My father’s career in the Army as a  Special Forces operative afforded me the opportunity to live in many different parts of the country. Of all the places I rested my head, Idaho is the one place I will always call my home. I have lived in Idaho for the past seven years; drawn by the beauty, the people, and the love for individual liberty.

I have been active in that fight throughout my time focusing on individual property, water, and mineral rights. Through work with non-profits, I have been afforded the opportunity to see my family’s needs met which otherwise may not have been while empowering others to become self-sustainable.

My beautiful wife D’ann was born and raised in Idaho along with our three young children Mylee, Jack, and Gracie. We are an Idaho family, with Idaho values, and I desire to serve Idaho in the Legislature. I believe an elected representative’s job is to carry the voice of his or her constituents. Far too often, after someone is elected to office, they become hesitant, if not unwilling, to hold public meetings to keep accountable to the citizens that sent them to Boise.

When you elect Josh Gibbons, you elect a neighbor who will listen to your concerns and take your voice both to the committees and the chamber floor. My commitment to my district is to fight tirelessly to preserve what we have in Idaho. With your help at the ballot box, we’ll keep our values, keep what we love about Idaho, and work to keep it the best place on earth to live, work, play, love, and relax.

Thank you in advance for your support,
Josh Gibbons