My Key Issues

Second Amendment:

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. To me, a proud moment for Idaho was the passing of Constitutional Carry. Your rights as a gun owner should not diminish no matter where you go within the State if you are a responsible, law abiding citizen.

State Taxes:

Federal funds make up more than one-third of Idaho’s Budget. Our countries tax code is complicated and impedes economic growth. I believe we need to lower taxes for both individuals and businesses. Doing so will bring new growth to Idaho by making us more competitive and desirable to new companies. Bringing those new companies in will create more jobs. More jobs, more growth, less dependence on Washington D.C.


Having one of my children in public schools and two on their way, I know the importance of a quality education for our children. We should ensure that educators are being supported and have the tools necessary to ensure a positive learning environment is created. These decisions should be made on a local level, not in Washington D.C. I stand against Common Core as it is costly and ineffective. We should not be using taxpayer’s dollars on mandated administrative functions. 

Land Management:

Over 60% of the land area in Idaho is federally managed. The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management hold a combined 32.4 million acres. To put that into perspective, the Department of the Interior holds land in Idaho equivalent to a land area the size of Alabama, which is larger than 25 states. Preservation of public access to public land is paramount, but bureaucrats thousands of miles away should not be making land management decisions in Idaho. Idaho is fully capable of balancing land management, water rights, and ecological considerations. Bottom line, it’s our land, we should decide.

Sanctity of Life:

Part of the very fabric of our country is the protection of Life. I am 100% pro-life. I believe life begins at conception and that abortion takes the life of an innocent human being.